Freelance Copywriter Lancashire
Freelance Copywriting for Lancashire

When you're in business, words matter. They persuade, assure, and entice your clients and most importantly, they sell your product or service. To be effective, the words must fit. Consider the Squid. With a natural ability to adapt, Purple Squid can always find the perfect words for your target audience.

Freelance Copywriter Lancashire
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Freelance Copywriter Lancashire
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Freelance Copywriter Lancashire
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For a Michelin star service and nutritious copy with exquisite taste, contact Purple Squid now.

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Freelance Copywriting Lancashire

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Freelance Copywriter Lancashire and Copywriting in Lancashire

Freelance copywriter for Lancashire and the surrounding area.

Purple Squid is a freelance copywriter providing copywriting services to the business, design, marketing and advertising markets in Lancashire and the surrounding area.

Purple Squid will write copy for brochures, advertising, newsletters, direct mail, annual reports, business and sales letters, exhibition material, leaflets, flyers and inserts, press releases and web sites.