Freelance Copywriter

So... Why Use A Copywriter?

You're the expert on your business or service. You can write. Your grammar's not bad. So why on earth do you need Purple Squid?

Well, put it this way.

You can use a knife, but you wouldn't try to perform surgery on your grandad's ingrowing toenails, would you? At least, I hope not. If you would, you can stop reading now. I don't think we can work together.

Purple Squid's job is to take what you want to say, and say it better. By hiring Purple Squid to write your copy, you're ensuring that your business is marketed in the best way possible. Excellent copywriting for your advertising and marketing tools will mean more customers, more sales, more business, and more money. It's a false economy to take time out from your busy schedule as the expert on your business to write copy.

After all, as the famous saying goes:

“Why have a Squid and write yourself?”

So you need a freelance copywriter. Why hire Purple Squid? Click here to find out.

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For a Michelin star service and nutritious copy with exquisite taste, contact Purple Squid now.

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