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Why choose Purple Squid for your freelance copywriting work?

Purple Squid has only one goal in life; to be the best freelance copywriter available.

Purple Squid had to overcome many obstacles in order to be able to offer you an exceptional freelance copywriting service. There is more prejudice towards cephalopods than you might think. But Purple Squid is tenacious, inventive, creative, and has an excellent grip on grammar. Thus, Purple Squid's freelance copywriting dream prevailed.

Purple Squid, despite being purple, and a squid, has a keen understanding of the importance of tailoring copy for a target audience, and getting the message spot-on.

Whether you want hard-hitting, formal copy for a business message, or you prefer a quirkier angle, you need Purple Squid. No other marine creature will do.

For concise, commanding copy that will give your business the edge, and a fresh, original approach, contact Purple Squid now.

There are lovely examples of Purple Squid's work here.

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For a Michelin star service and nutritious copy with exquisite taste, contact Purple Squid now.

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